Make every day payday with Instant Pay

Unlock part of your paycheque early so you can stay on top of your expenses.

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Instant Pay by KOHO


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Instant Pay

Farewell to fees

Forget about predatory payday loans and their steep fees. Cash out up to 50% of your paycheque for free.

A payroll benefit with noticeable benefits

Cash out 50% of your pay everyday to:

Get ahead of your bills

Find yourself some wiggle room in case of unexpected expenses or emergencies

Gain extra time to plan for and manage your wealth

Don’t just take our word for it

Take a look at what our very real users have to say.

“I am really enjoying this Instant Pay experience and it is super helpful!”

Jamie, Tim Hortons

“Just want to say that the whole KOHO experience has been really good and I think I will continue to use the Instant Pay service regularly.”

Twlya, Walmart

Instant Pay User Examples

Want your employer to offer Instant Pay?

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KOHO is a no-fee spending and savings account that offers a smarter alternative to banking. Equipped with our mobile app and reloadable prepaid Visa card, you’ll be able to budget, save, and spend like a pro.

Instant Pay is completely free unless you transfer your withdrawn pay to a different bank account. In that case, there will be a $3.50 fee per transfer.

Nope, KOHO will never charge you interest because you’re cashing out the pay you’ve already earned.

Yes, yes, and yes. KOHO is partnered with Peoples Trust, a federally regulated bank that CDIC-insured bank holds any funds you load onto your KOHO account. In short, your money is very safe with us.

Yes! KOHO is offered in both English and French across Canada.




The KOHO Visa* Prepaid card is issued by Peoples Trust Company pursuant to license by Visa Int. *Trademark of Visa Int., used under license. **These services are provided by Service Providers, including Visa, Peoples Trust Company and Galileo Processing. Learn more about your finances with Visa Practical Money Skills.